Welcome! We would like to take a moment to familiarize you with our company and some areas where we may be able to assist you in your financing requirements for your company's development activities.

The Hardison Company enjoys numerous rewarding relationships with both traditional and non-traditional lenders, and with investors who benefit from these various sources of capital. We seek reputable and successful business owners to build long-term relationships. We rarely do "one off" transactions, because our clients come to us for help on most of their projects. Our transactions are custom tailored to meet the client's investment priorities. Decisions are made in the best interests of all involved: the owner, the lender, the investor, the project itself, and the project's economic viability.

The Hardison Company specializes in commercial real estate finance. The company places commercial real estate mortgages, seeks to create value for the company's own account as a principal investor, and locates, reviews, and places other investment opportunities.

The Hardison Company enjoys a combined total of 65 years of experience in mortgage and equity commercial real estate. These transactions include but are not limited to apartment refinance; industrial development, acquisition and refinance; office development and permanent loans; medical office refinance; warehouse acquisitions; institutional equity commitments; and credit enhancements.